StreetSpot ACADEMY – Football school – learn football tricks

Football tricks are among the most spectacular actions in a game of football. But not only are tricks nice to look at, when they are used correctly they give the player the ability to make a real impact in the game and create sensational chances and threatening passing opportunities.

Teaching these kind of techniques in football training sessions has until now been considered difficult, if not impossible. Most coaches leave this to the players themselves and let them decide how much to extend their technical repertoire.

In reality, movements and basic techniques can easily be demonstrated in training and studied using cone slaloms, but this is by far not enough in learning how to perform football tricks in a game.

Building upon the content of the book “Fussball Trix”, we have developed an innovative training concept through which you can learn how to use game-related football tricks. With this, the application of techniques in specific game situations is the focus of our training work.

Video Team Coaching Football Trix Camps